Are Granite Countertops in Mississauga Homes the Best Choice?

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Designing and renovating a kitchen can be a lengthy process. The decision-making involved will most likely reflect your personal taste and style. In order to ensure you are making the right decisions, it is usually necessary to speak with a professional in the industry. They will likely recommend natural stone for the kitchen or bar area countertops and islands. This is due to a number of factors that make stone so much more appealing and economical when compared to the alternatives.
Ceramic countertops – Ceramic tile is a decorative tile that can be used for a countertop, but is more commonly found on the splash back at the back of a counter on a wall. They are sometimes used as the actual countertop but require some maintenance with grout and caulk. They are also quite fragile and often cannot sustain a small sized object falling on them and oftentimes will crack on impact.
Wood countertops – Wood countertops have a nice natural look, and are excellent for working and preparing meals that require a lot of counter work, but if you get finished wood that is not planned for a direct working surface, then damage is easily done, and refinishing costs or full replacement can be very costly due to the material being expensive in the first place. Wood is also considered quite porous which means once a substance penetrates the outer protective layer it is very difficult to extract or clean, causing staining and other potential damage.
Linoleum countertops – Linoleum countertops are the most economical option for counter space solutions. They come in a range of colours and styles and can accommodate almost any project. The problem with linoleum is that it often goes out of style quickly, or begins to break down due to poor craftsmanship.
Granite countertops – Granite is a widely available rock that comes in a variety of natural colours. It can be cut down into slabs (for countertops and large surfaces) or tile pieces (for walls and floors). These are then finely finished to have a beautiful and distinguished appearance of shine and sophistication.
Granite is known for being extremely long lasting and durable. This material has been used for thousands of years, first seen in the early construction of buildings, some of which are still standing today (the Red Pyramid in Egypt for example). Granite is also applied to modern day construction, but instead of fundamental building materials, it is used as a finishing touch or accent around the home or office in the form of countertops, floors and walls. Granite is considered scratch and scuff resistant due to the extremely dense nature of the stone. This, along with a very fine finishing process, results in a surface not easily affected by sharp, or heavy objects. Granite is also heat resistant, which allows for the direct heat of hot pots or pans to be put on the surface without trivets or another type of protection. It will not burn, deform or discolour like almost all other countertop alternatives.
Granite countertops in Mississauga homes are also known to increase the value of a home. Increased value helps offset the slightly higher cost along with all of the other benefits. This variety of countertop offers a beautiful addition to any home and will prove to last for decades, being admired by everyone who sees it.